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Hintergrund mit Farbverlauf

CNC programs directly from vector graphics. It has never been so easy.

Our mission

The generation of G-Code directly from vector drawings to control CNC machines was until now only possible via workarounds or error-prone file exports. This also applies to the direct generation of G-Code from vector applications such as CorelDraw.

We have made it our mission to solve this problem and to make the way from the drawing to the finished CNC program fast, precise, flexible and intuitive. The result is CamDRAW, the most direct way to create G-Code. With this plugin, you can create G-codes from your vector graphics or 2D drawings at high speed.

Hintergrund mit Farbverlauf

CamDRAW benefits


CamDraw links all settings and toolpath information with the CorelDraw file (CDR). This means that all drawing and CAM information is stored in a single file. There is no additional work required for later adjustments to the drawing or toolpaths.


The CamDraw program interface is intuitive and simple. All necessary settings can be made here without extensive training. In addition, you only work in one program interface.


Benefit from the enormous time savings by using CamDRAW. The most direct way to create G-Code from 2D drawings and vectors.


Camdraw in Numbers





Corel Versions


Product features


Use in countries





Our CorelDraw plugin is supplied or distributed by our sales partners as OEM software with their CNC machines.

The machine manufacturer AM.CO.ZA in South Africa supplies its CNC routers with our RouterCAM OEM software.

Application: Desktop CNC Router

Cameo Laser supplies its Wazer waterjet cutting machines with our OEM software Wazer-Plugin.

Application: Desktop water jet cutter (WAZER)

What Corel says about CamDRAW

"How to design for CNC
You can design in CorelDRAW just as you normally would. Create a vector design as usual, then set your paths and create your CNC program in the CNC software. If you use CamDRAW, you will have the fewest steps since it integrates directly using a plugin. When you save your file in CorelDRAW all of the path and settings information saves with it. This saves you time since you do not need to redo the settings when you open the vector drawing for a second part run. The path and settings from CamDRAW become part of the CorelDRAW file. You start the program to run the machine, so it produces your CNC cutting design.

Getting started with a CNC machine might seem daunting at first, but you can easily design in CorelDRAW just as you usually do. You do need a CNC program to run the CNC machine. This software lets you create the program that instructs the machine how and where to cut whether you need to make an engraving, a woodcut, or form a machine part. Some of these software packages, such as CamDRAW provide a plugin to make use much easier. "

Corel Corporation


Customer Reviews

What our customers say.

"I have to say that the CamDRAW product is absolutely great. After downloading the demo version, after about two days of trying it out, I was able to cut and engrave on my CNC machine using CorelDraw. It is an easy way to communicate with the CNC machine. I have already purchased a full version."

Tibor Haluscak

Instrument construction

"Very nice enhancement to CorelDraw. Using the power of Camdraw you can quickly produce a machine ready multi tool file. Great support and easy to work with. Highly recommended."

Kevin Nosalik - Roylco Industrial

CNC manufacturing, toy production

"We use CamDRAW plugin in our shop everyday. It helps so much to be able to work directly in CorelDraw. It does everything we need and more. We are a sign shop so we use it to make letters. It is super easy to use ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!"

Gloria Serdio - Signum Lux Corporation

Sign store, advertising technology

"My experience has been with Camdraw plugin for Corel Draw. After some initial hiccups all is working quite well. I was looking for an alternative to Fusion 360, as a subscription was out of my budget. As a maker/hobbyist this meets my needs. It's nice that its integrated into Corel as a plug in. Also, David has been great in supporting any questions or problems. If you're interested in generating gcode directly from Corel Draw, take a serious look as this software."

Thomas Jantz

Hobbyist, DIY specialist

"Camdraw is easy to use, quick and easy to learn and the support and service is outstanding. 6 Stars."

Desmond Foyn - Shan Sign cc

Sign business, advertising technology

"We use the software to mill our jewelry. Individual engraving requests or drawings from our customers can be implemented very quickly. The user interface of the software is structured and simple. The support is excellent and always friendly. A clear 5 stars from the whole Juwelier Schumacher team."

Philipp de Moraes - Juwelier Schumacher

Jeweler, goldsmith


The person behind Camdraw

Hi, I'm David Schleicher,
software developer and CNC expert

I discovered my passion for machine tools and their control systems right at the start of my dual bachelor's degree. I knew right away: This is where my future lies. Since then, I have specialised in CNC machine tools and their control software.


Over the years, I have realised many software projects and become a CNC expert. For example, I developed CAM software for the company Michael Schumacher GmbH, which generates CNC programs for milling and engraving jewellery (pendants, medallions and rings) from 2D drawings.


My business activities began in 2019 during my Master's degree.

M. Eng. David Schleicher

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