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19. December 2023

Installation of CamDRAW

(1) Download the CorelDraw CNC Plugin


(2) Close CorelDraw when the application is running


(3) Unzip the zip file


(4) Start the setup program by double-clicking

Setup program for installing the CorelDraw CNC and cutting plugin

(5) The installation program automatically detects all installed CorelDraw versions (32/64 bit). Select the CorelDraw product in which you want to install the CorelDraw CNC / Cutting Plugin. The 32/64 bit versions and the installation directory are automatically set when the CorelDraw product is selected


(6) Accept the license terms


(7) Click on "Install"


(8) After the installation you can close the setup program


(9) Open CorelDraw


(10) Go to the main menu of CorelDraw under "Tools"


(11) Click on CamDRAW at the bottom of the menu (see image)

integration of coreldraw cnc plugin

(12) The CorelDraw G-Code plugin starts and is integrated into the CorelDraw interface on the right-hand side (Add-ons). When you install CamDRAW for the first time, the demo version is automatically activated when it starts


(13) If necessary, adjust the dock width by dragging with the mouse


(14) Done!


Important note: If you do not see CamDRAW under "Tools". Quit CorelDraw. Restart CorelDraw and simultaneously press and hold the "F8" key while CorelDraw starts. A message to reset the workspace appears. Confirm with Yes. You will now see CamDRAW under "Tools".

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